Energise our Social Care Heroes

We know that working in social care is hard due to long hours, shift work and increases in manual handling. We also know that people in the sector sometimes neglect themselves by not eating well or having the time to prepare and cook healthy substantive meals.

Based on this, we will be working with an expert nutritionist to devise a range of smoothies bespoke for social care settings.. To entice people to continue with the change we are going to provide the care homes with healthy, nutritional samples.

Published by Campaign Collective

Campaign Collective is a social enterprise that ensures organisations and campaigners creating a better society can benefit from affordable professional communications advice and support. Our social impact is defined by the work we do for our clients in generating positive behavioural change among the public and by using the profits generated to support the Collective’s own social purpose fund. This fund is used to help small organisations campaign more effectively and to inspire the next generation of campaigners. Visit campaigncollective.org for more information.

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