Connect Our Heroes – Recharge Pods

We have been able to gain funding to provide Recharge Pods in the grounds of 4 care homes in Sheffield. Currently staff rooms in care homes tend to be small, functional, uninspiring places that don’t offer much sanctuary to the workforce during their breaks or when off shift.

These cabin-like structures will provide a space in the workplace where staff can retreat to, to de-stress. A place for relaxation, a breathing space and calm when they need to take a break from the physical and emotional demands of their job is critical to wellbeing. The pods will help connect staff with other social care heroes for social and therapeutic events.

We also plan to use the Pods to create a physical social network where carers from across the city’s sector can come together to support each other and share ideas. 

A further aspiration is to utilise the areas outside of the Pods to create sustainable / community gardening and enable teams to enjoy the benefits of working together outdoors which supports mental and emotional wellbeing, which will be established in the second half of the year. 

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