More support needed for social care heroes

The Government is set to unveil its long-awaited social care white paper, but as news that staff are leaving the care sector, Support Social Care Heroes was featured on Good Morning Britain.

Founder, Nicola Richards, spoke to their reporter live from ‘visiting pods’ which are in the grounds of a care home in Sheffield.

Commenting on the white paper, Nicola said:

Staffing is a real issue in the social care sector with more than 42,000 people leaving their jobs since April.

These are care heroes who have been working at full speed for more than 20-months and are burning out.

We need to be able to pay staff much more and recognise they are a skilled workforce. But we also need to recognise their dedication and do much, much more to help their wellbeing.

We’ve had enough of waiting for other people to help, so we recently launched a new organisation, Support Social Care Heroes to step in to fill the gap.

Support Social Care Heroes was launched on 19th November to provide front-line social care staff with the support and recognition they deserve. Founded by Nicola Richards, who manages two care homes in Sheffield and who made regular media appearances during the pandemic, the new organisation will operate nationwide.

Support Social Care Heroes is in the process of applying for charitable status and will fundraise from corporate partners, individuals, businesses and the public in order to support the health and wellbeing of our nation’s social care workforce.

For more information, visit ssch.info or follow SocialCareHero on social media.

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